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Increasing productivity for your manufacturing business through signs and printing

Signage plays an important part in the factory and throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing and industrial sites are busy with people, machines and large pieces of equipment that can be potentially dangerous. Keeping everyone safe and the manufacturing process running smoothly with limited downtime, is a number one priority for factory managers and Health and Safety executives.

The impact of signs for productivity

Signs facilitate the manufacturing process to run smoothly with workflow and safety procedures they enable employees to know where they are going and to feel safe in their environment, this helps with both morale and an increase in productivity.

Using visual signs throughout the factory for things such as materials handling, floor, machinery needs, and physical inventory really helps employee’s productivity through workflow and finding what they need quickly.

Increased morale and a reduction in downtime due to accidents and illness, machinery damage and workflow can save manufacturing businesses money on compensation claims and productivity costs.

Non Carbon Related Products

Non Carbon Related paper is used extensively within the manufacturing sector for streamlining the process of items that require duplication and instant copies that are required such as HR request slips, timesheets, contracts, advice notes and risk assessment pads. NCR paper is often supplied as books stapled together or as pads glued along one edge that allow copies to be easily removed.

The NCR paper can be printed using colour, which means that it can be branded with your logo, contact details and any bespoke messaging. We have a range of products that you can find here

Help customers and suppliers to find you with external signs

Not every factory is visible from the road or if it is on a large industrial estate, it can be difficult to find.

Use external signs on the roadside and outside of your factory buildings to guide people to your business. Once there, show visitors where to go using directional signs for visitors parking, reception and goods in.

To help you to increase productivity and raise your profile through signage and printing The Droitwich Sign and Print Co. has a vast range of manufacturing expertise and products. For a quote contact us


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