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‘New workbooks from The Droitwich Sign and Print Co. supports Worcestershire schools’.

Supporting local educational needs of children to continue their learning in the first few days of isolation with specially designed and printed workbooks, has been a focus for the printing and signage company throughout the past couple of months.

It is fair to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up many challenges for our schools and they have risen to this in such a positive and inspiring way.

Working in partnership with local schools, The Droitwich Sign and Print Co. have been producing workbooks that can be printed at short notice for children who are required to isolate. Often this happens at very short notice, and in the absence of online lessons starting immediately and catching up with current theme and curriculum can take a day or two, these workbooks provide seamless learning for everyone.

This January, Workbooks were printed for all seven classes and delivered within 24 hours for school children to start their home schooling immediately following the most recent lockdown announcement.

Sian Williams, Head at Northwick Manor Primary School is one of the schools that has benefited from these learning workbooks.

She said “The booklets looked amazing and really professional, there was no way we could have produced them to that standard in the tight time frame we had. The children really enjoy working on the activities in their learning booklets and because the teachers have planned them in line with what they are covering in class, they can build on what they are currently learning at home remotely. Having the flexibility to get DS&P to mass produce them so quickly means that there is no break in learning and the children continue to make progress and this is so important”.

Content is provided by the school and the products to put them together are held by The Droitwich Sign and Print Co. ready for when each school requires them.

Mark Hanson, MD says “Supporting our local community has always been a big part of The Droitwich Sign and Print ethos and it is clear, now more than ever, that the schools really need our fast turnaround services.”

He continues “We have developed a system where schools are able to call and request their workbooks to be printed, often at short notice. These workbooks are designed to ensure that children who are requested to isolate do not have an interruption in their education.

We are really proud to play a small part in helping both schools and the children to continue seamless learning”.

For more information about The Droitwich Sign and Print Co., please contact us or alternatively visit www.dsandp.cop.uk.


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